Smoothing Inlet


High quality stainless steel smoothing inlets is used inside the storage systems and designed to smooth the flow of water entering the storage. It is fitted to the open end of the inlet pipe at the base of the tank, which means that the fresh water enters from below the current water level. The water thus gently percolates up from the base, causing no disturbance of the beneficial sediment layer in the base of the tank. This reduces easy settlements of suspended solids if any.



  • Oxygenation – distribute and aerate the fresh influent rainwater in an upward & outward direction without any disturbance of water in the base of the tank.

    Oxygenation promotes the life of the Aerobic Bacteria. They eat the biological matter using Oxygen, and producing Carbon dioxide.

  • Sedimentation – removes additional sediments in the storage systems.

Smoothing Inlet

Smoothing Inlet



  • Distribution of the fresh water In an upward direction.
  • Slows down speed of fresh water.
  • Allows new particles to settle.
  • Keeps old sediment undisturbed.
  • Spreads the oxygen from fresh water in the tank.


Smoothing Inlet Item No.
Smoothing Inlet for pipes of 3.9 inch nominal size DN 100 EB 03 00
Smoothing Inlet for pipes of 5.9 inch nominal size DN 150 EB 03 02
Smoothing Inlet for pipes of 7.8 inch nominal size DN 200 EB 03 03