WFF 100


The Vortex Fine Filter WFF 100 is a highly efficient & effective rainwater harvesting filter for the domestic installations. The filter can filtered the harvested rainwater up to 2100 SQ.FT catchment area. WFF can be used where rainwater from the roof is channeled through a horizontal pipe. The filter has an automatic system of rinsing/cleaning by using 5 to 15 % of rainwater harvested. The filtered water will be collected to one side of the chamber and fed to the storage system. The debris and the particles larger than mesh size are flushed out to the drain.

Vortex Fine Filter WFF 100

Vortex Fine Filter WFF 100

Working Principle

Rainwater enters the inlet connection the WFF unit. The inlet is designed to swirl the water in a vortex-like action around the surface of the stainless steel filter. The rainwater is drawn through the vertical mesh walls of the fine filter by adhesion, then collected and fed through the outlet to the storage tank. Leaves and other debris are flushed out to the drain outlet by the action of natural flow of water. More than 95% of the rainwater entering the WFF is filtered and collected by this principle.

WFF 100 Unit consists of:

  • Body, flange with housing cover.
  • Stainless steel filter insert.
  • Lifting handle (30 cm).
  • Extension tube (optional).


  • Suitable for roof areas up to 2000 SQ.FT.
  • Filtration with 0,28 mm & 0.44 mm mesh size.
  • Self cleaning.
  • No energy consumption.
  • Oxygenation of filtered water.
  • Automatic transport of dirt.
  • No restriction or obstruction of water flow.
  • More than 95% efficient.
  • Low / Nil maintenance.
  • Tough polyethylene housing.
  • High quality stainless steel filter mesh.
  • Filtration rate (filtration of harvested water per second) of up to 4.2 l / s.
  • Also suitable for mechanical cleaning of process water.
  • Stable construction even when underground installations.

WFF 100 Filter mesh size Item No.
WFF 100 with Extension tube 0.28 mm WF 2011
WFF 100 with Extension tube 0.44 mm WF 2012
WFF 100 without Extension tube 0.28 mm WF 2002
WFF 100 without Extension tube 0.44 mm WF 2001