Floating Suction FIlter

Floating Suction Fine Filter

The third step of ACT-WISY Rainwater Harvesting Systems is extraction of filtered stored water for reuse. They consists of a fine or coarse filter mesh with a large surface of stainless-steel. The use of the SAFF or the SAGF increases the working safety of the whole rainwater installation.The abrasion of the pump is reduced as well as the contamination of the valves in case of suction and pressure.The large surface area of the SAFF or the SAGF filter gives a very low suction resistance, resulting in the pump developing its optimum degree of effectiveness.

The suction fine filter (SAFF) is especially suitable for water extraction from water cisterns without any pre-cleaning in the system.Commercial, cheap non-return valves at the bottom of the suction hoses with little sieve may be a risk for pumps and valve which are down-stream and they might derogate the working safety.

The floating ball allows the suction point to rise and fall with the water and ensures that the water is extracted from where it is cleanest: just below the surface of the water.

Two types of Floating Suction Filters: