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We ACT-WISY, successfully installed our emerging / latest Systems of Rainwater Harvesting in SAPHALYAM COMPLEX, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram under the proposal of TRIDA (Thiruvananthapuram Development Authority).

The ceremony was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister for Health & Family welfare, V S Sivakumar at Saphalyam Complex on 28th October 2014. The minister said about the importance of rainwater harvesting systems and he conclude his words by “It is our duty to develop a culture of water harvesting”.


The inaugural ceremony was a great & successful event with presents of lot of dignitaries from various fields. The TRIDA Secretary, P Anil Kumar explained about the features & significance of the Rainwater Harvesting Systems installed in Saphalyam complex. He said that, RWHS should be promoted by each and every family and thereby to conserve the water for the future.



The Managing Director, Mr. Anzar Azad & The Technical Advisor of WISY AG Germany, Mr. Fritz Poerschke had taken the speech on regarding the awareness and importance of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in this modern era.

The case study :

Before Installation:

Saphalyam complex is a small commercial building having 5000 sq.ft catchment area. The rainwater falls in such an area was goes off to the drain or sewage because of improper water management and conservation technologies.

Saphalyam complex have no rainwater harvesting systems. There is a sump of having 350 CBM water storage capacities. Water is stored in the sump without any treatment or filtration, which cause bad quality of water.

The actual problems reported as follows:

  • No technologies or guidelines for harvesting the rainwater.
  • No filtration of water stored in the sump.
  • Accumulation of dirt in the sump.
  • Mixing up of sediments in the sump.
  • Water experiences foul smell.

After Installation:

ACT WISY proposed two stage filtration systems for Saphalyam Complex.

  1. Vortex Fine Filter WFF 150 for fine filtration.
  2. Smoothing Inlet for sedimentation & oxygenation of water within the storage.

The WFF 150 Vortex Filter is the only medium sized vertical filter for small commercial or large residential applications that provides the highest quality of rainwater. Because of the vertical design, the filter has a self-cleaning effect. Debris is discharged from the filter along with “first flush” and excess water necessary to carry debris to sewage. The filter provides the highest quality of stored rainwater with minimal maintenance.

Smoothing Inlet in the storage tank accelerates the sedimentation process and distributes the oxygenated filtered water. This preserves the highest quality of filtered water in the tank for longer storage duration.

After RWHS installation, Saphalyam complex have no water shortage problems. The building itself save the precious water from the nature and preserves that water with a good quality up to longer duration for their commercial needs.



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