The mother company WISY AG – Winkler Systeme AG, is a German company for complete rainwater harvesting systems solutions. WISY has been a global provider and the leading manufacturer of high quality rainwater harvesting systems for the last 25 years. “Mr. Nobert Winkler “was the stub born founder of this globally accepted system.

The production of rain water filters was started in 1989. Due to the unique filter principle and the consequent expansion of the range the WISY AG grew very quickly became the leading manufacturer of high quality rainwater harvesting systems. Now WISY is securely established worldwide partners in over 40 countries in the use of rain water.

WISY is a founding member of the professional association operating and rainwater harvesting and also acted in the DIN-committees (DIN 1989) , which drew up the currently applicable standards for the construction and operation of rainwater harvesting systems. WISY manufacture the rainwater harvesting products at their factory in Hessen Vogelsberg. The durability and the reliability of the products is the distinctive feature of the WISY brand.


ACT join hands with WISY for aiming the complete rainwater harvesting solutions and thereby to make self dependency on daily water needs of each individuals. The whole teams of WISY are always ready to serve us and they offer the maximum support and service for the fruitful endurance of ACT WISY.