Rainwater harvesting ACT –WISY

ACT-WISY, An Indo-German Initiative for Modern Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

ACT-WISY is an Indo-German Trade name for Emerging / Modern Rainwater Harvesting Systems. We are the global pioneers and leading manufacturer of Modern Rainwater Harvesting Filtration Systems. ACT-WISY aims to ensure the best practices of Rainwater Harvesting to secure the water at potable quality, store it for long term and re use for potable needs.  We manufacture our products at our factory in Hessen Vogelsberg, Germany for the last 25 years. Own development, research and production ensure the quality advantage in durability and reliability.

ACT-WISY proposing an effective method of complete rainwater harvesting conservation system which can meet the several objectives which includes:

  • Self cleaning primary filtration system.
  • Ensure the quality of water inside the storage system by proposing standardized protocols for rainwater storing.
  • Provide oxygenation to maintain the quality of water for a longer duration in storage tanks.
  • Effective extraction system for collecting water from the cleanest part of the storing system.
  • Provision of outlet having the purpose of removing floaters and groundwater recharging.

In all applications such as domestic, industrial and commercial purposes ACT-WISY products guarantee reliable rainwater supply.

ACT-WISY Simply put forward to the world for Harvest, Store and Use Rainwater” By Harvest Water While it Rains